Residential Roofing Repair:


Since 1960, Mueller Roofing has been providing cost-effective residential roof repair solutions while keeping our customers as our number one focus. From complete re-roof jobs to a simple leak repair, Mueller Roofing can guide you through the entire roofing process, while making it as easy and seamless as possible.

Here are Mueller Roofing we are a full service, licensed and insured roofing contractor in the Joliet and Orland Park area and we are experts in all forms of roof work including tile, metal, shingle and flat roofing systems. We also provide quick and emergency leak repair for any roofing system should the need arise.

We are your trusted partner in any roof construction job! Call today!


  • Replacement of broken or missing tiles and shingles
  • Small and large leak repair
  • Emergency post hail or storm repairs
  • Fascia and drip-edge
  • Roof painting
  • Re-roofs
  • Leaky skylights
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  • Flashings: Flashings are the metal pieces that are bent in a form to create a termination of the roof plane to a wall. They are often the most common result of roof issues, whether they are not the right size, lack proper sealant or have misplaced nails or were never even installed.

  • Roof Vents: Roof vents are important to all roofing systems. They have a flange that is attached to the roof deck over the underlayment, then sealed. When this seal is inadequate, water can get under the flange and enter your home, causing a leak

  • Valleys: Valleys are designed to allow large amounts of water to flow off the roof. They are lined with a large piece of metal flashing conformed to fit the valley angle. Valleys divert water down the center to better control a large amount of flow. Roof valleys need to be properly sealed at the two outer edges (which are not visible since they are laid under the roof tiles). The underside of the roof tile does not sit flush with the roof deck, debris can build up and cause blockage of proper drainage. A leak can occur when the edges are not sealed well enough and allow water to enter the home.

  • Pests: Small animals or pest such as raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels and more will occasionally make your home their home as well. They have been known to chew or burrow through the roof underlayment and eventually even the plywood deck. To help avoid this, homeowners should keep trees cut back away from the roof edge and monitor their roof and fascia from time to time for any evidence of possibly pest or easy access points.