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If your home needs a new roof, choose Muller Roofing Inc. We are the experts in metal roof installation and repair throughout Will, DuPage & Grundy Counties. Metal roof systems are durable, appealing, versatile and come in many colors. Metal roofing can enhance the exterior of your house or business and increase your curb appeal. Also, compared to other traditional roofs, metal roofs have an increased lifespan and require less maintenance over the life of your roof if installed properly.

Mueller Roofing Inc. has been in the metal roofing business in Illinois for over 25 years and offer:

  • Metal roof installation
  • Metal roof repair & maintenance
  • Metal roof replacement
  • Metal roof inspections
  • & more

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    Metal roofs are quickly becoming one of the top roofing systems among homeowners in the Midwest. In the past, most people associated metal roofs with commercial or industrial buildings or even just on sheds or barns in the country. Newer materials, designs and techniques have evolved over the years allowing metal roofs to enter the mainstream residential roofing market. Common Types of Metal Roofing include Steel Roofing, Aluminum Roofing, Copper Roofing, Tin Roofing and even Stainless steel roofing. We can help you decide which material is best to meet your roofing needs and goals.

    No matter what type of roof you have or what type of roof system or materal you choose, Mueller Roofing Inc. will be glad to work with you on installing your roof properly and excedding your expectations on quality and customer statisfaction. you’ll be glad you chose

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    Metal Roofing Repair Services

    Metal roofing carries some unique signs of damage compared to traditional shingle roofs that are fortunately easier to spot. When evaluating your metal roof, keep an eye out for:

  • Metal Roof Leaks – If any roof is leaking, there is a problem. Leaks can be caused by a number of issues. If a roof leak is left unattended, it will get worse over time. So get it fixed by a professional sooner rather than later.

  • Loose seams or visiable gaps – Metal expands and contracts overtime. Sometimes screws and fastners can loosen or even break over time with the changing seasons in Illinois. This can cause gaps in the seams of your roof, which may allow water to penetrate your sub-roofing and house.

  • Rust or corrosion – A metal roof that has not been properly treated or maintend may devlop rust over time. If not atteneded to soon, can cause more roof issues and may lead to the entire metal roof needing replaced versus just replacing a small section or two.

    Never avoid taking care of your roof when it is in need of repairs. Putting off roof maintenance or repairs typically leads to larger, more expensive roof repairs or replacments down the road.

    If you think your roof may have an issue, the roofing professionals at Mueller Roofing Inc. are happy to inspect the metal roof and provide you any roof repair service for your home or business. We take great pride in our roofing work and customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

    If you notice an issue with your metal roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Mueller Roofing Inc. at 815-726-0730 for a roof evaluation and/or quote.