Commercial Sloped Roofing:

Commercial Sloped Roofs & Pitched Roofs:

A sloped roof system is a great way to prevent water from pudding on your commercial building or complex. Typically commercial buildings or industrial complexes that don't have a flat roof have either a Low-slopped roofs or pitched roof.

Low-Sloped Roofs:

Low-sloped roofs are often found on factories, warehouses, apartment buildings and other industrial buildings. At first glance, they may appear to be flat but they actually have a slight pitch to help moisture to easily run off the roof.

Low-sloped roofs are often easier and safer for roofers to work on than high-pitched roofs or steep slope roofs on other buildings or homes. Commercial roof installations, repairs and/or replacements are usually easier to perform. There is less chance that the building owner will need to call repairmen out to manage water problems, that sometimes happens on flat roofing systems, because the slight pitch doesn't allow for standing water or puddling.

Similar materials that are used on commercial flat roofs can also be used on low-sloped roofs. These include rubber rolled roofing, TPO, EPDM, , bitumen and modified bitumen. Also, air conditioners, solar panels and satellite dishes are easier to install and maintain on low-sloped commercial roofs than on roofs with a higher pitch.

However, one of the disadvantages of a low-sloped roof, especially in the Chicago area, are that heavy snows that accumulate and don't melt away quickly can add weight to the roof. So, building codes regarding low-sloped roof for your area must be checked and adhered to.

Commercial Pitched Roofs:

Pitched roofs on commercial buildings look great and allow for water and snow to runoff very easily. This means, less risk for moisture buildup that could damage the roof and lead to a leaky roof.

However, having a steep pitched roof on a commercial buildings makes it more difficult to perform routine maintenance, roof repairs or installations. The need for increased safety for working on these types of roofs is extremely important for the building's owner and potential commercial roofing contractors.

When having work of any fashion performed on any commercial building, it is imperative to work with a Roofing Company who has the knowledge, experience and right equipment for the job. You can trust that Mueller Roofing Inc. is that company and has what it takes to accomplish any commercial roofing job right the first time.